TekPub Rails 3 Online Course EP1


$27 Canadian dollars later and I have completed the first of 11 video tutorials on how to-do “it” Rails 3 style. First video gives the student the chance to build their development environment in ubuntu, this includes aptanas rad rails, git, gitk, git flow, rvm, rails, ruby and a fist full of gems.  One of my biggest concerns with this video was that it was created back in September of 2010 and I didnt want to learn old rails 3 controls and methods but thankfully that wasn’t an issue although some gem version numbers were dated eveything compiled and ran fine.

The video is 42 minutes long and many concepts are touched on, the narator makes a considerable effort to remind the student that this is just an intro and the topics will be hammered into your brain in the following videos.

Myself, I just kept hitting the pause button to follow the narrator. 😀