Is your Bank loyalty worth it ?


After being denied by the bank for a line of credit I began to question if my customer loyalty was really worth it. This may come off as jaded but I will try to keep it brief. Think about these questions:

  1. How does your bank reward your loyalty ?
  2. What differentiates your bank from another bank ?
  3. How hard would it be for you to switch ?
  4. Are banks any different then your Telecom or Cable company ?

My experience with RBC has shown me that they aren’t willing to really do any business. They were willing to hold on to my savings at a fee to myself with little to no return(earned interest) and because of my poor credit I have to get a high interest credit card from a third party like MBNA, Walmart or Canadian Tire before they are willing to even look at me. For those of you who are confused by this situation, so am I.

Has anyone else considered moving to a new bank because the bank you’re currently in is really not working for you ?


I hear good things about ING