Modifying the Luxway 24 in LED Under-Cabinet Light

I wish I had more photos of this process, but for some reason I didnt take very many. I basically shortened this light fixture so it would fit under one of my skinny cupboards.

You may be asking, why would you ever do this? You’d do this because you want to use the “same lights” for your entire kitchen and using a smaller unit made by a different company could cause issues finding a light with the same intensity and temperature.

The key points of this process are:

  • The light fixture body and the LED driver body are extruded pieces of aluminum, with plastic end caps.
  • The LED circuit board is 4 sets(parallel) of 9 LED(series).
  • The output from the LED driver is 28 volts.

To do this mod:

  • Cut the LED circuit board right before the last series of LED’s begins. You can see the traces in the opposite side.
  • Cut the LED housing to reflect the change in length .
  • Cut the LED driver housing to reflect the change in length .
  • Cut, remove and re-soldier the excess wire.
  • The light fixture can be setup in a way to gang multiple fixtures together. For this project, I didn’t need this feature so I removed the wiring for it.
  • Transfer all mounting holes with a drill bit using the old holes as templates.
  • Re-assemble!

Here is a parts blow out showing the modifications and cuts

Here is the completed and re-assembled light.

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