TekPub Rails 3 Online Course EP2


Wow TekPub certainly phoned this one in. What I mean by that is this is a disappointing tutorial. They took an old video they created for their Sinatra tutorial, stripped out the original beginning and ending then added some excerpts to tie it in with Rails 3.

Things that needed improvement and kind of bothered me:

  • Narrator is using a completely different build environment then what was setup in the original video. Why did I spend all that time making Aptana work ?%!
  • We don’t really learn what some of the built in methods for rake/builder are or do till about 2/3’ds into the video.
  • Narrator takes time to explain that « appends an object to an array which is fairly simple, but something more complicated like how the function “call” works is left for us to pause the video and research. This is just one example that stayed with me the entire video, but for sure there are other examples like this.
  • There wasn’t any example code; in the video large amounts of text are used to generate quotes and haiku’s … some example code to copy and paste would of been appreciated. Not having the example text actually stopped me from participating in this video tutorial and I spent the last 40 minutes  just listening to the narrator.

The next video/tutorial is “Controller Fundamentals”, hopefully it’s more in line with the rest of the videos 🙂