Winnipegs Most and HeatBagRecords

Found out about these guys from Facebook today and they aint too shabby.

Their Biography:

Originating from the north end of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the group Winnipeg’s Most has arisen like a rose through the concrete. Comprised of three MC’s – Charlie Fettah, Jon-C and Brooklyn, Winnipeg’s Most are a cut above your regular local talent, both flamboyant, and rugged…continued

My Opinion:

I like these guys and their music, they seem to have figured out the “recipe” for success:

  1. 1 part Gangster Rap
  2. 1 Part Auto-Tune
  3. 1 part Club music

I don’t want to sell these guys short they have more lyrical skill then I will ever have. Although one thing that mildly bothers me is their name “Winnipeg’s Most” it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that its “Winnipeg’s Most Wanted” which only damages the aboriginal image in Winnipeg further.

Maybe I’m way out on this who knows! Anyway’s have a listen to a couple of their songs and check out their site, myspace and their labels.