Boiled Perogies can be eaten only during emergencies

In an effort to compute mobilely I have purchased an ACER 5552 laptop from Futureshop. Reasons why I bought the laptop:

  1. My old laptop has now become my desktop via wireless keyboard and 22” LCD
  2. Battery in old laptop no longer holds charge.
  3. I want to program more, I have a “challenge” from work that I may touch on later and I also want to start learning how to develop Android apps.
  4. Everyone at work has laptop madness and everyone seems to be buying them … pretty weak reason actually.

Thats all I have for my post today, the news is boring, oscars are over, I still cant drive my car and I have decided to take my blog posting more seriously. I have decided that I am going to try and follow post for post Dan Menards blog. I dont know Dan and he doesn’t know me, but he is from Ottawa, he programs and the man posts on a schedule (Mondays and Fridays).


I love perogies and sometime when I get home late and Janice is passed out on the couch I could care less if those potato dubplings are fried šŸ˜›