Repairing the tent trailers’ roof delamination

The Bubble

The Repair

  • Gorilla Glue, thick glue that slowly expands and is foam board safe
  • Syringe is meant for resin
  • The black hose is silicone air tube for aquariums
  •  3/32″ ID aluminum tube 
    • This is actually meant for model airplane flight control “rods” and is sold at most hobby shops
  • The tube clamps are just wound up mechanics wire.
  • Used plate weights to hold the bubble down while the glue was setting
  • Heavy duty workbench vise

The Results

I think the end results came out pretty well, will have to see how it holds throughout the season/year.

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    1. I havent checked this year. I just pulled the camper out of storage and its still tarped. If I notice anything I will update the blog 🙂

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