[MK808 Mod] Boost Wifi Signal Strength

If you have a MK808 and have noticed that the WiFi signal strength on this device is terrible then you can do this mod to improve the WiFi antenna.


  • Open your MK808, this can be done using your finger nails. Simply grab the two sides of the case at the seam and clam shell open the two pieces apart. Be careful when you pull the pieces apart, as the stock WiFi antenna is attached to the opposite side of the case.img_20161106_230840
  • Remove the motherboard from the case and flip it over, there is nothing holding the motherboard in, just grab it by the USB port and pop it out.


  • Un-solder the GND and ANT pads, the black wire antenna is actually two separate conductors and we are going to replace that small wire with a larger/longer piece of wire.


  • Solder on a longer wire, a piece of cat 5 cable works perfectly.


  • Voila, your done! Boot up your MK808 and you will notice that your download speeds are now much faster.

On a side note I’d like to say that this is the worst soldering I have ever done. When you do this on your own make sure that your soldering iron tip isnt to hot.