Walmarts Star Laser Beam Projector Tear Down

Ever wanted to know whats inside one of those laser light projectors ? Well here we go !img_2014

The body of the projector is sealed with two rubber gaskets that seal against the body.

img_2010A gasket in the front and gasket in the back


Removing the 4 Phillips screws in the body revealling the guts of the unit. From left to right, Motor for rotating Prism,Red Diode and heatsink, green diode and heatsink, controller cicuit board.


There is a prism infront of a rotating mirror, the prism is held on with two screws.



View through the prism

img_1980 img_1979


The Green and Red lasers, including a mirror for the red laser.

img_1998 img_1999

Controller Board


Power Adapter