How-To get free HD Television in Ottawa

If you live in Ottawa and you don’t want to give Rogers or Bell your hard earned cash then you can do what I have done and it only cost me 20 bucks and I get all the HD channels I need.

Things you need:

  • Digital HD antenna
  • +25 feet of coaxial cable(May need longer if you live in a house)
  • A television with a digital tuner(Almost all new tv’s have these built-in to them)

The antenna can be purchased from many retailers but the cheapest ones can be bought from Walmart, XS-Cargo and Factory Direct.

My antenna came from Factory Direct and cost me a total of $14.99! Some assembly was required to but nothing super technical.

From my own experience the price of the antenna doesn’t equate to the quality/reception of the antenna. I use to use this one but it was TERRIBLE, good thing I never payed 70 bucks for it. 🙂

1. The Unboxing

2.Some assembly required

3. Almost there

When you have your antenna assembled, attach your coaxial TV cable to the antenna and put the antenna in your house/apartment window. Hook the other end of the cable to your television, your television still neets to be setup to use OTA which is burried in your TV’s menu system … I dont have steps for this part. 😀

Once your television is finished scanning for channels, sit down in your favorite chair and enjoy all the free HD television you would ever need.

A TV antenna works best if there is nothing blocking your line of sight to the antennas. So if you mount the antenna high you can get all these channels:

  • CBC (English) 4.1
  • Global 6.1
  • CBC (French)9.1
  • CHCH 11.1
  • CTV 13.1
  • Omni114.1
  • TVO 24.1
  • TQ – Tele Quebec30.1
  • TQS (V) – CFGS34.1
  • TVA – CHOT40.1
  • CTS 42.1
  • “A” Channel 43.1
  • Omni2 60.1
  • CityTV65.1

To learn more about Ottawa OTA go here.

The ones in bold are the key ones for me, if I want to watch other channels like Space or Discovery I connect my laptop to the televison with an HDMI cable. If you go online you can watch these stations:

The not so free sports packages:

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  1. I have just purchased a cottage and there is a large antenna on the roof with a wire running to a box that has three small holes for an attachment that would go to the TV I presume. Would you be able to help me set this up on a new TV?

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