How to add Adsense ads to Tumblr properly!

It’s very easy to place Google Adsense ads to the body of your Tumblr posts. In our example we’re going to demonstrate how to embed a 468×15 text Google Adsense ad into the middle of our post, this process is the same for all javascript based ads.

Before doing any of the instruction below this line create your desired blog post without any Google Adsense ads in it, take care of the text, positioning and formatting first!

Once you’ve created and published your post go to the dashboard of your Tumblr blog, click on the Cog icon to go to your blog Preferences page:


By default Tumblr strips out advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from the regular post editor.

To ensure that Tumblr can accept the JavaScript code thats needed for our Google Adsense ads, we need to ensure that under “Edit posts using”, you’ve selected “plain text / HTML”:


Be sure to save this new preference.

In a new browser tab goto Google Adsense and copy the javascript that was generated when you created your Google Adsense ad, copy it to your clipboard and go back to your tumblr blog:


What you need to do next is edit the blog post you created previously, you will notice that the editor is now showing plain html markup. Find the area where you would like your Google Adsense ad and paste in the Javascript from Google:


Our inserted Google Adsense ad:

Save your changes and go view your tumblr post, it may take few minutes for the Google Adsense ad to appear.


  • Because of how the Tumblr post editor works if you make any other changes to the post after the ad has been added then when you save the changes you may actually strip out javascript and effectively kill your Google Adsense ad.
  • Dont edit the code from Google, changing the code will cause the Google Adsense ad not to work

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  1. Is this still working. It does not appear that google ads are appearing on any tumblr sites

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