Free City of Ottawa Water Conservation Kit

Got my water bill yesterday and it was a real shocker!

In two months Janice and i used a whopping 33 cubic meters of water. Now granted I did have a large aquarium and a whole home humidifier that refills itself everyday but 33 m3, come on thats a ton of water. I even spoke to a few guys at work and looked at their bills and their family’s of 4 were down at the 15-20 m3 of water usage.

Anyways i did some research and the City of Ottawa offers a water efficiency kit that’s free for house holds(2 kits per household). If you want to get your own kit follow this  link.

Fill out the form and take it down to your city services office …or city hall.

Did i mention they’re free!!


Kit includes:

  • Flow Meter bag
  • Toilet Tank bank
  • 1 GPM Faucet aerator
  • 2.5 GPM Max Shower Head

water1 water2 water3 water4