Band Saw Project [Update 1]

So took the band saw apart and inspected the bearings and shafts. Here is what needs to be done so far:

  1. The large blade wheels need new rubber tread to help with the saw blade tracking.
    1. This can be repaired by cutting up an inner tube and gluing the rubber back down on the aluminum wheels
  2. Bearings need to be replaced
    1. Super easy; hammer off hammer on. Bearings are SKF 6202A … super common
  3. Drive shaft needs to be “repaired”
    1. This sucks, the driven shaft is pretty worn out. The bearings on this shaft have spun and worn down the bearing surface on the shaft. To repair this I have a couple of options.
      1. I can have someone machine a new shaft
      2. I can have someone spray weld new metal onto the old shaft and machine back to spec
      3. I can have someone knurl the worn areas on the shaft
      4. I can use a center punch and punch divots into the worn out area of the shaft forcing metal up
      5. Loctite bearing retainer
      6. JB weld…

So the budget for this project is going to be used up by replacing the bearings which leaves very little money to have the shaft properly repaired. So of the options above I went with iv and v.

I present to you exhibit A(Driven shaft)

One side was worse the other(guess which one), so now with these divots I can hammer/press on new bearings. Also the divots will help with the Green loctite to bond to the two metal surfaces. Even with these divots, if this saw last another 5 years nothing says I cant go back and have the shaft remade still.