Walmart EverStart Deep Cycle Batteries

Battle for the Walmart Marine Deep Cycles

Was looking at a new battery for the camper … It has a car battery right now that I don’t want to trash. Anyways Walmart makes it hard to compare batteries as they measure batteries using different metrics.

EverStart 24DC-700N $115.23 CAD

  • MCA 675
  • CCA 550
  • Reserve Capacity 120 minutes
  • Amp/HR 65

Everstart 24MS-1000N $133.59 CAD

  • MCA 1000
  • CCA 800
  • Reserve Capacity 130 Minutes
  • Amp/hr Unlisted



If you do a bit of quick math you realize that the numbers dont actually add up or are comparable .

EverStart 24DC-700N $115.23 CAD

120 reserve minutes doesn’t actually equal 65 amp/hr … so how much it really ?

  • 120*60 = 7200 seconds of reserve capacity.
  • 7200*25 = 180,000 coulomb of charge.  The 25 is 25 amps used as a standard to measure reserve capacity
  • 180,000 / 3600 = 50 amp/hr

Everstart 24MS-1000N $133.59 CAD

This battery doesnt even list as amp/hr rating … so lets calculate it.

  • 130 * 60 = 7800
  • 7800*25 = 195,000
  • 195,000 / 3600 = 54.16 amp/hr

So with all that said, which is the best battery for your dollar ?

EverStart 24DC-700N

$115.23/(50amp/hr) = $2.30 per amp/hr

Everstart 24MS-1000N

$133.59 /(54.16amp/hr) = $2.46 per amp/hr

So if your looking for just a deep cycle battery buy the EverStart 24DC-700N, its the cheaper battery, it is very similar to the Everstart 24MS-1000N  when you compare amp/hr and if you aren’t going to use the battery for starting a motor then you don’t really care about the MCA or CCA.


“But but 1000N is such a bigger number then 700N”  …its all marketing

For those wondering, “who the hell buys a Walmart battery” . You have to look at it this way, Walmart doesn’t actually make batteries they rebrand batteries made by Johnson Controls, , The batteries have a good warrenties through Walmart,  every hick town in North America has a Walmart. Johnson Controls actually makes this same battery for Costco(Kirkland) and Sears(Interstate) too.

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