Unlock Newer GM Theftlock Radio’s

How to Reset Newer GM Theft lock Radio’s


The following instructions will allow you to reset any newer GM (General Motors), Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Pontiac theft lock radio.


The theft lock radio must be in “Locked” mode.


1. Turn the ignition ON (The radio should display “Locked”).

2. Hold down the Right Seek and Preset #5 buttons.

3. With those 2 buttons held down, Press the Power button.


This will put the radio in diagnostic mode and allow it to work, you will have todo this trick every time you start your car.


Other then that you will need to make a trip to the Dealership :/

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  1. 2006 Cobalt mine says “locked” none of the links online work for me, my radio is part number 15272189

  2. Have a 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500HD putting in different radio used factory one with CD player and says locked won’t turn on just has time and locked in face and theft red light on I’ve tried a bunch of different ways and no numbers come up

  3. I have read and written the last 6 of the vin to the new truck in the 24c08 chip but its still showing locked! any ideas???

  4. I have an 2006 Saturn ion I bought a used radio out off the same year car from salvage yard . It shows in the xm mode that its theft locked everything works on the radio but can not hear anything. You can do everything change station all functions work but no volume?

  5. I have a 2002 Buick LeSabre and my radio says locked on it how do i unlock it myself

  6. this does not work on newer radios, they are synced with the cars vin number stored in the body control computer, if you play with the button too much you will “brick” the radio and it will display INOP, meaning its not recoverable..go for an after market radio if your original one crashes..why do you think junk yards only sell them for 20 bucks, they know they are worthless..

  7. I have a 2000 imapala and this didn’t work on it yet it has the same radio as displayed

  8. I installed a My Link touch screen system (from a wrecked vehicle – 2015 Trax as well) to replace the standard one in my 2015 Chevrolet Trax and everything plugged straight in. However, I am getting a “locked” message on the screen and I can’t press any buttons… Do you have a solution to this issue?

  9. nothing works on my 2008 Chevy impala to unlock radio I got from junkyard

  10. GM is crazy for doing this… Battery replacement is a periodic maintenance procedure… That they would do this to force customers into their sevice departments is an outrage…. So let me see if I understand this… Someone steals my car, removes the battery, and their punishment is they can’t listen to the radio? Seriously? And if its to protect the radio itself… Who would steal the pieces of crap having to tear the dashboard out?

  11. I have a 2001 buick lesabre my real does not say locked or loc but I have no sound coming out of it how do I fix it

  12. Any help with trying to unlock anti theft radio delco monsoon cd/cassette says locked not loc dont know if that matters have tried everything i have found on internet

  13. can someone do a video on a 06 Uplander ….unlocking the radio by removing the chip thank you.

  14. As long as the door is open and no key in the ignition I get the raido to work but only for about 2 min then shuts off. Please help…

  15. We have a 2004 Chevy Cavalier. With key on, but not turned and door open, you push right seek, plus the 5 button and power. It works fine, but as soon as you start it, it goes back to lock. Any ideas?

  16. Anybody know the complete sequence to unlock permanently a “locked” GM Radio?

  17. i have a 2003 Oldsmobile silhouette, says locked..wondering how i get it unlocked..changed radios from my old 2001 radio too my newer 2003..changed it because i had no sound coming out my newer 2003 radio..any helpful hints

  18. Regarding 2002 Pontiac Sunfire
    My radio says Locked when i start the car
    I have the VIN # for both the car the radio came from/wrecking yard ,and my car
    Is that any help ???
    All other button pushing has no response

    1. I have the same car and same issue. Did you ever figure out how to get it unlocked on the 2002 pontiac sun fire?

  19. My radio has up down seek buttons(2001 pontiac aztek), not the right left, tried the sequence with both, up first no luck, then down seek no luck, any ideas?

  20. This trick didn’t work on my chevy silverado 2005 does anyone know what else to try? I bought this stero from a friend of min

  21. Did what you instructed no luck, did what TekWiz did and it unlocked until the acc/power was turned on then just back to lock, also could’nt change stations. Think just have to pay the 150.00 at the GM dealer to fix it or buy a aftermarkert kit.

  22. Got an issue. The above process works on a Cadillac CTS 05 navigation system but I have an issue with the fact that the sound isnt playing or anything. It does put the system in safe mode but it does not allow me to change radio stations and the sound isn’t playing through to the base speakers on the car. Is this an issue with the safemode or with installation? I just need some answers. Thank you.

  23. Can anyone tell me what needs to be done for my factory radio? My 2001 Chevy Tahoe battery went out so when I put in a new One my radio shows nothing on the screen. Red light blinks and when I push min hr it quickly shows the time. I can also pull up the 6 digit code but nothing further than that. Please help

  24. Worked for me with an extra trick…. No Key In Dash … but Drivers Door Open… With the Drivers Door Open The Locked Message Went Away and Gave Me A Blank Screen…

    I was able to use the Right Seek and #5 Keys together and press power
    and test the radio…

    My CD Did not eject on this junk yard radio… I would hate to activate it and
    find out that I paid $120 and my CD Don’t work…

    Thanx to all for the good 411


    1. Hey Jesus-
      I’m interested in that navigation install you did on your cavalier. Do you have any pictures of the install? The trick shown here will -not- work on the “THEFTLOCK ENABLED” screen of a GM navigation radio. You will have to get it cleared at a GM dealer with a Tech 2 scanner and there’s a trick or two involved. Let me know where you’re at with this project.

  26. how about the 2009 and up models tried all recommended procedures including removal of EPROM that resulted in a no vin response when you press the eject button on the cd this also has an mp3 plug to use any ideas ?

  27. The button sequence works for me , but only if key is put into ignition, and not turned. The radio screen at this point is blank and after entering button sequence radio is fine, but then when car is started locked is displayed and again nonfunction. If I follow instruction exactly radio displays locked initially and does not allow or recognize button sequence.

  28. Disconnect/cut the pink wire and the two skinny green wires. They are to the alarm/security system. Then Press 5, seek and power at the same time. If it does not work your radio is not in the lock mode. This will work, but occasionally the radio will cut off, so you will have to press 5, seek and power, each time you turn it on. This works on my 2005 Malibu (new body style)

  29. I have a 2000 Olds Silouette which the CD player quuit working after the van was sitting for 10 months.
    I got another identical radio from a 2002 Chevy Ventura & installed it.

    The display reads “LOCKED”

    I tried the Right seek with perset #5 & power on.
    Nothing happens.
    I also tried the preset 1 & 4, also, nothing happens.

    Is there anything more i can try or do.


    William C. Francis

  30. I tried the preset 5, seek forward,power on, ,,,,,,,nothing at all. Am I doing something wrong..? Thanks

    1. Jim try his with your truck off that’s how I did mine

      && unlock Gm theftlock radios It unlocked but relocked wen I turned my truck on I didn’t work with the truck on just off what do I do

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