Squaring old walls is a fucken pain OR Update on the shower progress …

Old Photo for reference;


Been super busy at work and on weekends, haven’t had any time to really work on the shower but I was able to properly frame up one small section of wall … thats about it.


For the 2×9 in the floor that was badly cut I had sistered another 2×9, glued and screwed but I realized a week after that the drain would be right ontop of the sister-ed beam … so really i sister-ed on the wrong side of the 2×9 … so it had to come back out .

Here are some pictures.

IMG_1163 IMG_1164

So there is the cut 2×9, and the sister-ed beam was on the left side. In the picture I have already pulled the sister-ed beam off and am going to move it to the right/opposite side.

Issue with that though is there is a light box in the way, you can see the light box peaking from behind the drain … look closely 😀

The picture also shows where the drain is going to in relation to the shower, its very very close to the 2×9 … i will probably buy an offset shower drain to fit … something like one of these from Shower Drains in Australia.


So next steps, re-sister 2×9, finish rear wall and frame the right wall. There is really nothing but pine strapping holding that right wall together. The new glass doors would have nothing to screw into if I left it like that.



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