[Solved] Treadmill RF DSL interference

The Problem:

My old man had a second generation treadmill that when turned on would knock out his DSL and even cause his television to shut off. After some quick googling I discovered that this is a very common issue. According to dslreports.com

RFI is insidious. It can sneak around no matter what you do … totally wipe out your DSL.

Noisy RFI … can reach your computer or modem through the AC lines, but more likely by radiating from the AC lines to your phone line. … RFI can interfere with various sections of the spectrum needed for DSL, causing lower sync rates and throughput, and in some cases repeated interruption or even total failure to sync.

The Solution:

Find a power bar with an RFI/EMI filter to clean the power/signal coming from the offending treadmill. I had tried 2 different powerbars and only one worked.

    1. Didn’t Work Rocketfish 7-Outlet Surge Protector (RF-HTS105)

  • This powerbar/surge protector sports a  A 47 dB EMI/RFI noise filter which DIDNT work at all

    2. Did Work Monster Power Center (FS MP HTS400)

  • This powerbar/surge protector sports some technology called “Monster Clean Power Stage 1 v2.0”

Once I plugged the treadmill into the Monster Power Center I was able to see the improvements immediately.