Picked up Fisher STC 831

I recently picked up some older speakers on Kijiji. I don’t know why no one likes old speakers, sure they has an older looking wood veneer, yes they are usually larger but 9 out of 10 times they are better built, have a more balanced sound and their crossovers are of a higher quality.


I present to you the Fisher STC 831. They are in near perfect condition and are rated to 120W MAX.

The Fisher STC 831 has a 2.5 Inch paper tweeter, 3 inch mid range and a 15″ woofer.

Crossover frequency is 1.5/6 kHz

First techno impressions … the woofer delivers a clean deep bass.

First classical impressions … the speaker is very well balanced, mids and tweeter deliver a rich sound but dont come off as chirpy. The 15″ woofer also provides a nice deep tone.


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  1. Uhh that’s a pretty good deal :p I’m about to reply to an ad selling a pair for 60CAD. I like the idea of 15″ woofers, but reading reviews on audiokarma, many warn that models beginning with “ST” or “STX” are to be avoided (1980’s models).

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