In Ontario dont leave your computer on.

My power usage doesn’t make any sense … or maybe it does.

My House events :

  • Furnace turns on at 6am and back off at 8am.
  • Furnace turn on at 6pm and turns off at midnight.
  • Power usage jumps up at 6 am as thats when we wake up …so showers and lights
  • Power usage jumps up at 6 pm as this is when we start making supper.

With all my lights and computers off during the day, day costs was $0.64 or 8.15 KWH


With all my lights off but my 3 computers and one amp left on, day costs was $1.59 or 20.10 KWH



So yeah turning off your computer is worth it in the long run.

So the difference of one day 

$1.59 – $0.64 = $0.95

Every hydro bill counts for 2 months and every month equals 20 time of use days

40 x  $0.95 = $38

Plus the hydro deliver charge, which is almost the same as the kwh usage charge 

$38.00 x 2 = $76.00

Holy fuck, that’s 76 dollars for me to not have to boot my computer when I sit down at my desk !