Old laptop digital picture frame … or atleast it was

crush2I hope this younger generation never has to deal with IDE ribbons, floppy drive, dip switches, and CRUSH-ABLE CPU CORES!!!!!
I have been working on this old laptop project for the last 4 or 5 days; Taking an old laptop(Pentium III 600mhz) and converting it into a digital picture frame. I had the fitment in the frame done, all my cables and ribbons run flat, linux distro tuned for speed and purpose … all it needed was a backing and one of those legs to hold the frame up.

I figured time for pictures!

I take 2 pictures of the frame booting and cycling images then I flip the frame over to take a shot of the back. I don’t know how it happened but when I laid it face down I crushed 2 corners of the CPU … check out the hi-res pics.

I know its my own fault but i think Intel should take partial responsibility for building a heat-sink that rests on 3 legs … wtf blue men !

Anyways time to find a mobile P3 cpu on ebay …..fuck