Official Languages in Canada

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Canadians should be proud of their culture/heritage. PERIOD

But as a “Western Canadian” I have a different view then what others have shown in Ottawa. I speak English… bad English, but English non the less. My comprehension of French is VERY limited, so much so I would rate it the same as having no French knowledge. If I wish to become a manager I will have to learn French because of what some would consider a flaw in the Official Languages Act.

Lets see if I can break this down into points for easy digestion:

    -Back in the 1960’s majority of politicians and government workers(feds) were English.

    -Pierre Trudeau signs bill to make 2 official languages in Canada, French people now have feds in government.

    -To become a manager you must be able to communicate to all your workers, so you have to speak French and Englis.

      And there’s the “rub”; 22.7% of the Canadian population

      The majority of the french population is in Ontario and Quebec:

      Ontario 11.2% 1,351,765 Quebec 75% 5,800,000

       So anyone from out-west who lacks the French experience is basically screwed and forced to learn French. 

      … Its pretty late right now so I think I will have to finish this tomorrow 🙂

      Keep safe and stay positive!