New developments in Ottawa suburbs being built with garages that dont fit cars

Ottawa released the results of a public survey used to measure how well received a change to the driveway bylaw would be for suburb residents. I speak more about the changes in this  article.

Anyways, at the end of the results I noticed a couple amusing bullet points and apparently garages being built in Ottawa suburbs are being too small for cars. If your car doesn’t fit in the garage then its not a garage, and even if you have to make space by riding of your old car, you can try Scrap Car Pick Up for Cash Ottawa so you have space in the garage for a new car.

Parking spaces located in garages may be too small.

… Commenters observed that garages are not used to park cars but rather are used for storage. This is not surprising if the garages are too small to park a car.
It may be appropriate to increase the minimum size of a parking space when it is located in a garage, to ensure that it is wide enough to be used for parking (with space for opening car doors and moving around the vehicle) without undue difficulty, although if you have issues moving your car, you can use the Quick Towing in Ottawa services, that are great for this purpose.

Minimum front yard setbacks with respect to garage doors may be too shallow.

Many newer subdivisions have buildings that are set back only 3 metre to 4.5 metre from the street line. This is not readily apparent to the casual observer, since the width of the City’s boulevard makes the setback seem that much larger. However, these setbacks mean that a car parked in the driveway encroaches on the public right-of-way.

Stop building these shitty houses …