I bought a fishing boat!

You were all expecting a metal or wood boat weren’t you ! Well this is better then wood or metal… its rubber and canvas … and it has oars!

I have been doing alot of fishing this summer and fishing from the shore line has been getting a little boring considering how low(I think I could walk across the ottawa river) the water is right now.

So tell you more about my boat from Focus Fishing, you say ?

[Amazon Link]

Product Features

  • Inflatable boat for fishing and water hunting expeditions with 4-person capacity
  • Wooden slatted floor and two wooden bench seats
  • Swivel oarlocks, oar holders, mooring ring, fishing rod holder, water drain plugs
  • Accepts maximum 3 HP gas motor when used with optional motor mount
  • Maximum weight capacity: 900 pounds
It says its a 4 man boat but it really only fits 2 people comfortably … maybe 4 people if they were fleeing a sinking ship.

Janice and I bought it from SAIL here in Ottawa …. for about $250 dollars… add another $180 for life jackets, oars, air pump and other shit. It produces a more custom made feel.

Anyways I took it on its first fishing trip this long weekend and its pretty good. Don’t know now if to take it to our one of outback tours from Perth next weekend! This time I went to one of my favorite fishing spots, parked on the boat launch, removed the 40 lbs folded deflated boat from its gigantic duffle bag and began to inflate it with a cigarette lighter powered(starting to sound like a sissy boat) air-pump. Takes less then 10 minutes to get it in the water and once all my gear was loaded in I was off to the fishes!

In other news Janice has parcially gotten over here fear of being in or on water …yeah Janice! I really enjoy my new aquarium full of tiger oscars and bass boat and yes I can stand up in it.