How to repair cracks in aluminum boats

Gonna need some things to do this “properly” … luckily princess auto has them all and I already had most of them !

  1. Set the boat upside down on blocks
  2. Set the propane heater beside the boat, you want the heat from the heater blowing on the area your going to be working on … at this stage the boat is going to get hot … burny hot
  3. Prep/clean the area of the patch with the wire brush, make that aluminum shine !




  1. Use a small tappy hammer and tap the sheet metal, try to close the gaps as much as possible.
  2. Using the small propane torch heat the crack and surround area, only heating the metal enough to melt the brazing rods. The brazing rods should melt from the heat of the metal not from the heat of the flame. If the rod isnt melting continue to heat the surround areas till it does.
  3. Once the rod begins to melt on its own move the rod and the torch down the crack allow the metal to flow into the crack.


  1. Do one more pass with the torch to reflow the metal … you want to see the metal dip in


Voila all done!