How to make your Timex GPS Watches work with

Short answer, if you own a Timex Ironman Global Trainer then you don’t need this guide. Just install MapMyfitness Timex plugin and away you go !

For everyone else I have some bad news, MayMyFitness does not support any other Timex GPS watches … even though they sell them their uploader doesn’t support them … well at least not natively.

To upload a workout from your Timex watch to MapMyFitness:

  1. InstalltheTrainingPeaks/Timex Watch software on your computer.
    1. Located here
  2. Connect your watch and open the TrainingPeaks “Device Agent”
  3. Click the File Menu, Click Options
    1. tp2
    2. Set your Default Sport
    3. Set save to Disk
    4. Click Ok
  4. Now Click Download
    1. tp1
  5. Tick the check-boxes of the workouts you want to save
    1. tp3
    2. Click Save
  6. Open your web browser and goto
  7. tp4
  8. Browse to your saved workouts, your workouts fromTrainingPeaks get saved asPWX files in a folder deep in My Documents
    1. All other users goto your:
      1. MyDocuments folder
      2. Double click TrainingPeaks folder
      3. Double click Device Agent folder
      4. Double click Saved folder
      5. Double click your username folder
  9. Select one or multiple workout files you want to convert
    1. tp5
    2. Click Open
  10. The Files will automatically be uploaded and converted
    1. tp6
    2. Make sure the timezone offset is set properly
    3. Click Download and save the TCX files to your desktop.
  11. We now have the files we need to upload the workout to, goto the MapMyFitness upload site click here
    1. You may to have to login to continue, login to MapMyFitness now
  12. UploadyourTCX File to MapMyFitness
    1. tp7
    2. Click Choose File
  13. Goto your desktop and select one TCX file that we converted and saved previously
    1. tp8
    2. Click Open
  14. Once select Click Upload
    1. tp7
  15. Click Finish
  16. tp9
    1. Click Finish
  17. HOLY SMOKES WE’RE DONE …. only took 17 steps easy right 😀