How to convert a G5 IMAC in to a regular LCD Panel

The goal of this project was to convert a 20″ G5 IMAC into a normal LCD panel, the original G5 IMAC motherboard was burned out and was totally useless.


This is the PSU power connector that has been cut off of the IMAC’s motherboard

Wires are being soldiered to use the IMAC’s power supply as a power source for the LCD power inverter

Using hot-glue as potting for the back of the connector.

Using a breadboard to patch the inverter into the PSU, this is temporary and makes it easier for testing. Specially when I wire in the resistors … which arent shown in this photo

Testing the inverter and HDMI cable

Testing was a success

Hot glued the inverter to the back of the old motherboard tray, doing wire cleanup and soldering all my temp connections.

More wire cleanup and added a stress loop to the HDMI cable … think I would cry if I yanked on the HDMI cable and I broke the screen.



View from the back, the HDMI cable is running through the old IMAC AUX port. Its hard to tell but I actually cut off the other system input off of the mother board and hot-glued them to the inside of the monitor body, doing this allows me to close up the factory ports on the left … event though they don work.

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  1. Hi, there are ni pictures displayed in this article. I would like to do a G5 iMac LCD conevrsion too…

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