Harbour Freight/Princess Auto Floor Jack Photographic Comparison

Went to America, traded in my Canadian copex for some American dinero and picked up a Harbour Freight 3 Ton Jack. I am very impressed with the jack, its very sturdy and the fit & finish is great.

Its huge … weighs like 100 lbs

Harbour Freight 3 Ton Dayton Floor Jack

Princess Auto 3.5 Ton PowerFist Floor Jack

While doing my evaluation of floor jacks I noticed a defect in the Princess Auto floor jack.

At first I thought this was an issue with the jack I bought, but when i exchanged it the second jack did the same thing. I returned the second jack and confirmed the floor-model(3rd jack) did the same thing. 

Downward weight(a car) on the jack causes the weight to be redirected side ways and that force is being retained by only two small snaprings. 

I think this jack design is dangerous and downward weight should not be riding on the snap rings .