Fixing my air compressor

Well long story short I picked up a 21 gallon tank with a 2HP direct drive air compressor for 100 bucks. Seller said he has had it for about 5 years and has never had any issues with the air compressor. Brought the air pig home and did an oil change.

Look at what plinks out of the oil:image

Yup thats half a snap ring …fuck me only one place inside the engine that can come from. So after i drained out all the oil(was a fair bit of fine metal shavings) I took the head off and this is what I saw.


So yeah, the snap ring that held back the piston wrist pin failed and the wrist pin wore a fairly large groove into the cylinder wall.

Allow me to take the moment to say this, I like fucken around …best parts of my day are spent fucken around but man can I not get a fucken break!?

Anyways I decided I’m gonna do a redneck rebuild and get this bitch pumpen again. Here is the first coat of JB weld on the cylinder wall:image

Used one of the piston rings to follow/scrap along the edge of the cylinder wall to get it as flush as possible. Think i might have to buy a cylinder hone tomorrow from princess.

Gonna let this harden tonight and do a second coat tomorrow.

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  1. You posted this a year ago. How did it come out.

    I landed a 3 cylinder speedair/champion and the center cylinder may be in bad shape and would like to know how the JB Weld worked for you.

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