Enable offline mode in Outlook 2007 via registry

A user will always be able to change this setting through the GUI but an administrator may want to push this out to many users. The following tutorial is geared for the administrator 😀 


To enable “Manually control connection state” and have “Choose the connection type when starting” selected in Outlook 2007 you can edit a hex value in a registry key. The key to edit is located here at:

HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWindows Messaging SubsystemProfiles%username%13dbb0c8aa05101a9bb000aa002fc45a

Find the Binary entry 00036601 and modify its value


You should only be concerned with the first hex value so you may see something different then the example above. When you go to modify the key highlight the first value and change it to either 84,94 or 96.

  1. 94 <— “Manually control connection state” enabled
  2. 96 <— “Manually control connection state” enabled & “Choose the connection type when starting” selected
  3. 84 <— “Automatically  detect connection state” enabled

Once you have changed the value have the user logout and then log back into windows. When the user starts up Outlook they will be asked to either “Connect” or “Work Offline”


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