Rebuilding my 12v(Starters Kit)

If I’m gonna be doing starters then i’m gonna need my tools 

What you see in the pic(Left to Right/Top to Bottom):

  1. Torx Screw Drivers
  2. Butane
  3. Drill Battery Chager
  4. Impact Driver
  5. Computer safe test light
  6. Robertson #2 Bit
  7. Phillips #2 Bit
  8. OLFA Knife
  9. Butane Soldering Iron
  10. tin/lead Solder
  11. Wire strippers
  12. 1/4” Deep Socket Set
  13. Digital MultiMeter
  14. Trouble Light
  15. Metric Hex keys
  16. 1/4” shallow Socket Set
  17. 1/4” Extension and Rachet
  18. Adjustable Wrench
  19. Imperial Hex Keys
  20. Body Panel Tools
  21. Butane Torch … gotta smoke ?
  22. Needle Node pliers
  23. Step drill bit set
  24. Multi-bit Screw Driver
  25. 26” ToolBox 

I ♥ Princess Auto or Princess Auto is Manitoba


Allow me to wax poetically about Princess Auto.

Hello Everyone,

my name is John and I have a problem. I love Princess Auto … I dont love it for its cheap tools or friendly staff I love Princess Auto because its my wormhole back to Winnipeg!


I may pull in to the parking lot driving a car with Ontario plates but once I walk through those automatic double doors I am instantly transported back to my home town of Winnipeg.

Princess Auto is like a warm blanket

The store in Ottawa is almost identical to the one on Portage ave store. Hydraulice hoses on the right, hand tools on the left, the “surplus” section at the back and sweet sweet deals in the gooey center. 

Princess Auto is a slice of cherry pie

For those unfamiliar Princess Auto has its own line of tools and Power Fist be its name. Its the SuperStore Presidents Choice of air tools, the IGA Compliments of pry bars, the Safeway Select of trouble lights.

Princess Auto is like meeting an old friend

So what did I buy today?image

  • One large and one small metal 90° square
  • One bottle of brake cleaner
  • One yellow florescent trouble light
  • 4pc fuel/coolant disconnect set
  • 2 cheap utility knives
  • One dental/o-ring pick set
  • One auto trim removal tools
  • One blue tape measure

Princess Auto is a Swiss+ army knife

I’m sure that in some indirect way Princess Auto has provided keys tools for building some of the most important Canadian inventions. Its not just farmers that walk through those doors … dreamers, thinkers, inventors and “makers” all know where to go when they need a widget or a doo-dad … the surplus section.

Princess Auto is the Rosette Stone of ideas