Gonna pound some pavement tomorrow …#beenawhile

It’s been a while since I have had to do this but tomorrow I am off to find a part-time job for this winter … gonna try to find something with 12volt(starters/alarms) or commercial snow clearing. I’m really just looking for evenings and weekends and I do have some experience in those  fields so its not the biggest stretch.

What is going to be strange though is actually having to talk to people and hand out resumes. So much of the world has gone electronic that I have become accustom to emailing and filling out online applications.

For those wondering why I even need a second job,  its because Janice and I just purchased a house and I want to buy some toys:

My Toy List

  • Truck(Nothen fancey…something to haul dirt …or a boat)
  • Boat(Nothen fancey … $1200 or so)
  • New Roller toolbox/chest ( Saw this at Costco today )
  • 10×10 Shed

…all these things cost many monies 🙂

Wish me luck!

Work Force Adjustment … life’s little challenges.

Got my letter yesterday and the writing had been on the wall for months. I haven’t been layed off yet … not by a long-shot but I am competing against 5 other people for 3 positions. I may be overly confident on this but I’m not really concerned about losing my job, its just the interruption of my plans that fills me with rage.


Thats right I had plans and now i have new plans.

  1. Decide if i want to pursue a future in the public service.
  2. Blow the dust off my resume.
  3. Build a list of employers in the Kanata Tech Park
  4. Start pounding the pavement cause its gonna be a long fucken process.

In other news Janice and I were about —><— that close to purchasing a house.

Thank god we didnt pull the trigger on that one.