Work Force Adjustment … life’s little challenges.

Got my letter yesterday and the writing had been on the wall for months. I haven’t been layed off yet … not by a long-shot but I am competing against 5 other people for 3 positions. I may be overly confident on this but I’m not really concerned about losing my job, its just the interruption of my plans that fills me with rage.


Thats right I had plans and now i have new plans.

  1. Decide if i want to pursue a future in the public service.
  2. Blow the dust off my resume.
  3. Build a list of employers in the Kanata Tech Park
  4. Start pounding the pavement cause its gonna be a long fucken process.

In other news Janice and I were about —><— that close to purchasing a house.

Thank god we didnt pull the trigger on that one.