Operation: Make Linkedin work for me.

Gonna spend part of tomorrow fucking with Linkedin, see if its really money maker people say it is.

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Did the Shared Services kick my ass … I dont know?!


Impossible … what happened ?

The Canadian government last week introduced the declaration of a new department in the #GOC, the Department of Shared Services(SS). The SS was formed as a cost cutting measure to bring the IT departments in almost all of the #GOC into a new level of fiscal responsability by consolidating Data, Email and Network infrastructures under one house. Now since I have started working in the #GOC I have been preaching cloud computing, wiki’s and shared resources.

So why would I be worried ?

Because it happened too fast, I’m still at the bottom of the tech pile fighting my way to the top. 

What are you gonna do now ?

Gonna try and get back on top of the situation, with education. My chances of climbing the ranks through the normal course of time/experience/opportunity seem to have disappeared.

What are you gonna take ?

I don’t know, I have been eyeballing the Unix Admin course at Algonquin College but I’m unsure. These shared services may need a few linux/aix admin but who knows, I may just leave the public service … lord only knows.


Life may try to get me down but if I want it bad enough I will take it all, after all I am a King Bain.