Weight Bench Hack

Wall mounted my northern lights lat pull-down and rowing attachment. Usually it mounts to the bench but doing it this way is about a million times better!



Its suppose to mount to the end of the bench but that puts it really in the way… specially when your doing bench exercises.image



Found this link after … same idea but this dude cheaped out on the supports HERE  …Kinda super iffy

My first real IKEA hack: 

Bought a GORM from IKEA for $25, cut it up and used it to build a terrace for the cucumbers. Dont have alot of room in the apartment so they’re going to have to grow up. Gonna use the remaining shelves to build a deeper planter. I used twine for the vines to grow up and used 2 coat hangers to provide the strength in the shelf. For those wondering why its so high off the ground; its because the planter needs to be higher then the glass balcony… I may move it down once the plants start growing