Unlock GM Theftlock Radio’s

Update: Click here if your Radio says “LOCKED” Continue reading if your radio says “LOC”

How to Reset GM Theft lock Radio’s


The following instructions will allow you to reset any GM (General Motors), Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Pontiac theft lock radio.


The theft lock radio must be in “LOC” mode.


1. Turn the ignition ON (The radio should display “LOC”)

2. Hold down the Radio Presets 2 and 3 buttons for six seconds

3. The radio display changes from LOC to a three-digit number. Write this number down. You now have fifteen seconds to complete the next step.

4. Press the AM/FM button

5. The radio display changes to another three-digit number. Write this number to the right of the first one.

6. You now have a six-digit number, the first three digits are from STEP 03 and the last three digits are form STEP 05

7. Call 1-800-537-5140

8. Press 1 then # (pound). You’ll hear “Invalid Code, try again”

9. Press 139010 or 106010 or 206010 or 202107 then # (pound). You will be asked to enter your four or six digit code followed by *

10. Enter the number from STEP 6 then *

11. Listen to the four-digit number and write it down. It will be repeated twice

12. Turn the ignition ON (The radio displays LOC)

13. Use the MN and HR buttons to enter the code from STEP 11

14. Press the AM/FM button. The radio display changes to “SEC”. Your radio is now “un-locked” and usable.


 Dealership Codes




If you fail to enter the correct code eight times, the radio goes into INOP mode. You have to wait an hour with the ignition on before the radio returns to LOC mode

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  1. Hi,
    Been trying the number listed 800-537-5140, for 10 days, I get a male voice saying “No routes found”, then Verizon saying number is temporarily out of service. Is there a new or alternate number?

  2. The number to call isnt working anymore, anywhere else I can get my code? The numbers for me are 112 and 114

  3. Need information. Want to replace the factory audio unit with a replacement factory audio unit. What is involved as per programming it to the vehicle?

  4. Hey, my 1998 chev 1500 silverado had the start/ 2 second die / problem and i used your resistor from yellow to blk . well i tried 4 other website fixes and BINGO! U DA BOSS. thank u soooo much… ON the road again…just cant wait to get on the …….(u no how it goes !TY!!

  5. Hi, I have a Delco Electronics CD & Cassette Player that I assume is in theftlock mode. The display says nothing and will not do anything. The theftlock light just continues to flash. This Delco Stereo is out of a 2001 Buick Century and I’m installing it in my 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Is there anyway to make this work? Thanks.

  6. I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am – original code I had didn’t work (battery dead for extended period). Tried to do presets 2&3 – nothing, still says LOC. This is the original radio. Tried the 1 & 4 to enter a code, will not go off of LOC. Please help, dealer wants $56 to put it in the shop and get the reset done.

  7. Thank thank thank you this worked awesomely. Wasn’t sure what I was going to do without a radio on the car I just bought!

  8. I need help unlocking my radio. It is a 2013 Chevy Malibu and the radio is an OEM I bought off Ebay.

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