Its in you to give … so do it …fuck!

“Our Son Kellan was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia when he was 6 months old. He first got sick when he was only a month and 2 days old. He was only hours away from heart failure, he had hemoglobin count of only 21, it should be over 110. He cant make any red blood cells of his own. He has been recieving regular blood transfusions every 4 weeks to keep him alive.

Apperently there are only 1000 reported cases world wide of this disease. Pretty rare I think. Steroids have not worked for him and now we have to make a decision to do a bone marrow transplant or let him stay on tranfusions for the rest of his life, both of these options come with many complications. So hug, kiss, and tell your kids that you love them as much as you can because we never know how long they will be with us.”

Its really not fair what happened to Justin, his lovely wife Kaylene and of course Kellan. So if you were a guy a like me just reading facebook status’s then what else could you do … what else then become a bone marrow donor!

How do you become a bone marrow donor?

Its pretty easy just follow this link and become a “One Match Donor”. the service is run by the Canadian blood services … the same people who take care of the blood banks. Once you have completed the registration a “home swab kit” will be mailed to your house. Do the swabs and send them back in a special envelope they give you.

No blog post is complete with out pictures! 😀

They call me Mr.

They call me Mr.

Swab case, swabs, labels … wheres the candy ?

Got A Full load Here

Mission accomplished!


Wondering what does it look like when you donate bone marrow/stem cells?

Easy Peasey

So ya click the link and help save a life … ya fucker!

Google Payday!


I finally received my cheque from google … it only took 2 years. While in college I created a website to experiment with SEO and advertising tasks. I wrote a couple popular articled on the internet built some traffic for my site and then laid in some google adsense ad’s into my articled. Some articles worked better then others and some ad’s worked better then others.

If you want to try the same go for it … its almost free to-do. Just dont do it with articles that are IT/Computer related as your gonna be competing with the rest of the Internet. Pick something more niche … car or scrap booking or roofing(I did one for roofing) 🙂

Ohya the experiment site which is still earning but is no longer maintained.