Compressor is finally finished!

I wish I had more pictures but sadly I don’t On Tuesday I received in the mail my oil sight glass and on Friday I received the piston. Timing couldn’t of been better as its now Chinese new year in China so mail from over there is super slow during there holidays . 


New piston on the left old piston on the right, if you read my old posts the old piston had to be replaced as the groove for the circlip was totally fucken blown out. The new piston appears a bit different but is identical where it counts … ring size/count, cylinder bore, wrist pin height and wrist pin diameter. No way to check the weight but i doubt it matters … its close 😀


Picture with all the piston hardware installed. Swapped the rings from the old piston, circlips installed … fun fact this piston is 48mm which is the same for alot of engines in kawasaki quads. I mentions this as I had quite a bit of trouble finding circlips for a piston that small, but Bruce over at the parts desk of Ottawa Good Times  was abl;e to cource then out… just wish they werent 4 bucks each !

I don’t know if I mentioned it but piston and the piston arm are all aluminium.


Piston is back in its hole! i ended up removing the paper gasket from this part of the head as the paper was too think and was interfering with the sandwiching of that little flapper/metal valve, the cylinder and cylinder head … ended up using just liquid gasket.

If the liquid gasket eventually fails I will have to come back with a thinner gasket material, but for now its holding. 😉

The finished product… FINALLY!

Pretty much everything was redone on this compressor:

  • New gauges
  • New brass fittings
  • New copper tubbing
  • New crush fittings
  • New power cord
  • Teflon taped everything
  • New crank case breather
  • New oil level sight glass
  • New muffler




Only thing left to-do is change the high pressure release valve as its WAY to low … seems to blow off at about 120psi which is a bit to low …spring in it must be too old or something and I have to return one of my gauges as its 15 psi off … wtf Princess auto. Also I think I am gonna change the other gauge to same style as the regulator gauge … save me from kneeling down to see what the tank pressure is 😀

The large gauge for the regulator is actually from an old set of air conditioner gas exchange manifolds. I’m never gonna do AC and there for an older no longer available type of refrigerant. 

Here’s a video of the compressor running

Half way through the video the  sound changes as I had my finger over the mic. When I finally got the chance to fire up the compressor I noticed a slight chatter from the compressor .. i’m not to sure what it is …maybe some piston slap or maybe even the sound of the air valve in the compressor head … I was a little worried about it but after watching another video from someone else of the same compressor running and making the same noise I feel better about the noise … business as usual.

Next project … the water pump in janices care … time to buy jack stands 😀