Automotive colon cancer … Don’t let the cancer win.


Was working on Janices 05 Santa Fe is the garage tonight. The last couple nights had been cold but tonight and tomorrow are gonna be warmer so it was time to take care of some rust while I have the chance. Hyundais are know for there rusting but the one Janice had bought was relatively clean except for the front grill support and around the rear wiper.




I removed the wiper and this i see … THE CANCER(Rust). This wiper motor is a total write off, threads are all but gone, rubber has gone rotten, thing is packed with road salt and gravel. Just garbage all around



If you don’t catch rust fast enough it will drip, eat and spread down the car. I don’t have a picture of the before but here is an after wire brushing shot of where the wiper hole was in the back of the trunk.Notice the huge pits in the metal … those are some deep pits.


The metal around the hole is a little thin but there is still eanough steel to have some strength left.




Tomorrow evening I will be sanding down the fresh paint. This repair may end up being just a winter fix till I can properly get some paint on there in +10 temperatures. BTW a new wiper motor is about $120 bones.




Here are a couple more shots of the wiper motor: